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Technology, Science and Beauty Innovation

By: Donna C. Barson
Posted: August 3, 2010, from the August 2010 issue of GCI Magazine.
  • More and more beauty industry growth is being powered by the fields of science and technology, using broader innovations to create and promote new beauty products.
  • An overall trend continues to be the emergence of top-quality products in the mass market.
  • Elements of the body’s own bioelectricity and DNA are now being used to offer antiaging skin care benefits.
  • Eyelash enhancers are seeing a continued popularity, boosting industry innovation in nontraditional areas.

Even though new beauty products are always emerging, there are often only a few that seem to be a catalyst for future innovations. From eyelash growth stimulators to DNA correctors, the continued use of technology in beauty is making it possible to advance the beauty arena further and further all the time. With treatments becoming even more accessible to the masses, these new beauty technologies are setting the trends as the industry moves forward.

Brian Falcone, vice president of sales strategy at Johnson & Johnson Beauty Care, says an overall trend continues to be the emergence of top-quality products in the mass market, especially due to the effects of the economy. Although people are hitting Walgreens, Rite Aid and CVS for their beauty products, department stores and specialty stores still hold an allure because of their renowned brands.

So whether your target consumers pick up their products at Walmart or head to Macy’s for their beauty needs, there are a few trends that continue to emerge no matter where your target market is, and it’s vital to stay on top of these innovations.

Going Electric

Johnson & Johnson recently unveiled what it says is the largest beauty breakthrough since retinol: cytomimic, a technology that uses bioelectricity to fight signs of aging such as wrinkles and dark spots.