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Technology, Science and Beauty Innovation

By: Donna C. Barson
Posted: August 3, 2010, from the August 2010 issue of GCI Magazine.

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Activlash came on the market as a natural eyelash growth product, feeding off the growing organic trend. A plus of this product is that it can be used while an individual has lash extensions, so even while the eyelashes are still growing, the person can still appear to have long lashes. It also includes a swertia herb extract to stimulate the hair root, polypeptides to provide protein and amino acids, green tea and grape seed extracts for antioxidant protection, panthenol for moisturization, and bilberry extract for conditioning. And, unlike Latisse, it does not contain prostaglandin and claims to have no side effects such as eye color discoloration, blurry vision or decreased vision.

“Future trends in the eyelash segment of the cosmetic market will likely center around the addition of new and unique natural ingredients to the existing eyelash conditioning formulas, with the intent of improving the natural look of beautiful eyelashes,” says Michael Brinkenhoff, MD, president and CEO of Athena Cosmetics, which manufactures Revitalash. The Revitalash product is marketed on the basis of incorporating functional cosmetic ingredients with the sole intent of enhancing the attractiveness and beauty of eyelashes, without the requirement of a prescription to treat hypotrichosis.

“In human beings, the powerful attractiveness of beautiful eyelashes has been known by women for many centuries, and it won’t be going away. This is not a fad,” Brinkenhoff adds.

Staying Innovative

Regardless of which products are hot on the market, the future of the industry will likely blend innovative technologies that have awe-inspiring results. Consequently, antiaging remedies will continue to be popular, as will other products that enhance wellness and appearance.

Donna C. Barson, MBA, heads Barson Marketing, Inc., a marketing strategy, research and business consultancy in the personal care industry. For information about Barson Marketing and its proprietary tracking method for this industry, e-mail, or call 732-446-3662.