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A New Slant Salon Hair Care

By: Karen A. Newman
Posted: August 29, 2008, from the September 2006 issue of GCI Magazine.
ThermaFuse CEO Van Stamey

ThermaFuse CEO Van Stamey

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“The ThermaFuse bottle came about because Joni Rae, Mark Ragan and I were having a big argument about who should get the most space on the bottle. The ingredient list was a mile long, and marketing needed a panel for that story,” said Stamey.

“The goal was to create a package that not only would make the stylist proud to recommend and look good in the salon,” said Russell, “but also create an emotional response from the consumer and work in terms of function and look in their home environment.” If it turns out that there are, in fact, three sides to every story, the container now exists to hold them. The three-sided bottle was a solution that accommodated everything and everyone very nicely.

Three-sided Success

The bottles are custom-made by Matrix Packaging of Mississauga, Ontario, and are decorated in Stamey’s Kannapolis factory. Ron McLamb, who runs the decorating department, has worked for Stamey since 1989. “I’d say he’s the best in the business,” said Stamey. The bottle decoration is complex, and includes embossing and debossing, as well as the use of interference inks. Product labels, created by WS Packaging Group-Ampersand Label, also are printed with interference inks. To further accommodate the amount of copy deemed necessary to tell the product story, the labels are of the two-ply Multi-Vision/Flex View label product. The line also includes tottles from Dieter Bakic and the 8-Elixer squeeze bottle made by Lumson SpA. The line’s Fixate Foam incorporates a foamer from Airspray.


Russell’s contribution extends to the point-of-purchase display that is sent free of charge to every salon that stocks ThermaFuse products. POP in a Box was designed to offer salons flexibility in their displays based on space, which can be limited. The display kit includes sample display boxes, header cards and a ThermaFuse mobile. The display can be changed to allow salons to focus on one featured product or the entire line. Colors in the display coordinate with the colors used in product packaging.

The effort that went into the design of the packaging and the marketing pieces earned three Communicator Awards. The Communicator Awards is an international competition honoring excellence in business communications, and are made for print, video and audio submissions. ThermaFuse was recognized in 2006 with an Award of Excellence for “POP in a Box,” an Award of Distinction for its “Introducing Healthier Hair with Heat” brochure and an Award of Distinction for its “The Hottest News in Hair Care” press kit. The company also received an honorable mention for the marketing of its “Protect and Repair Consumer Samples.” (For more information about the ThermaFuse consumer samples, see “Effective Sampling Strengthens Brands,” on page 32 of this issue.)