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Launch Sequence

By: Karen A. Newman
Posted: October 13, 2008, from the April 2006 issue of GCI Magazine.

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“She was not deterred by anyone or anything. She also had the advantage of already knowing what bottle she wanted and who could manufacture it,” said Bloom, so she had done her homework and made some crucial decisions in advance.”

The inspiration for the primary packaging is a beautifully decorated and jeweled bottle Kitzrow purchased four years ago, before Summersent was even the seed of an idea. The custom-painted, filigree-clad and crystal-domed parfum bottle is hand crafted in Toronto. Custom-designed boxes were produced in Chicago. Her promotional plan includes a number of gift-with-purchase options that continue the heirloom presence of the parfum. Sampling is planned in pillow boxes matching the fragrance packaging, with 2 oz spray samples inside.

Since Von Maur doesn’t advertise, and Summersent is a niche brand, one of the strong early promotional efforts will be a public relations campaign. Her strategy has been to create excitement and desire among the three C’s: corporate, counter and consumer, and let word-of-mouth sales build on that.

Along with the industry experts she called on during the development process, she also got a lot of inspiration from friends and family. “My sister and her husband and kids have been very supportive,” said Kitzrow.

Born on a farm in Hoople, North Dakota, Kitzrow remembers her childhood as “a time of life when everything was so close to the earth. It’s a wonderful place to be from.” The Midgarden family farm was established in 1879, and that is one reason Kitzrow is so excited to be working with Von Maur—the store dates back to 1872 and she likes that connection.