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Alchimie Forever Blends Science and Nature

By: Leslie Benson
Posted: November 21, 2008
Ada Polla

Ada Polla

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Ada Polla: My business role model is Estée Lauder. A business woman, she created a multi-billion beauty empire. I have read many books on her; she did everything herself, including selling creams to women in department stores. She was a huge believer in putting herself out there, and she never worried if she had gotten in over her head. I think if I were to be able to ask her a question it would be: “Would you please join our Board of Directors?”

GCI: On Alchimie Forever’s Web site, there is a link called “Ask Ada” that allows visitors to e-mail you comments or questions. How important is this type of interactivity between a brand and its customers, and is it you that really answers their questions?

Ada Polla: Yes, I really answer all questions. The e-mails come directly to me and are not filtered by my team. I feel so strongly in being involved with our clients and consumers. I think in today’s impersonal world, consumers are looking for that personal connection. In particular, as we are a family business, this personal connection is at the core of our values and brand personality.

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