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Good Products + Clear Message = Broad Appeal

By: Alexandra Voigt
Posted: February 27, 2009, from the March 2009 issue of GCI Magazine.
W.S. Badger Company

The genesis of a natural brand uncovers how a straightforward purpose and product can blossom into a global venture.

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What’s next for Badger?

We’d like a new building. We’re going to build it using Bau-Biologie building standards, which uses all natural materials and focuses on how building impacts life and the living environment. I see Badger as a business of the future—one that focuses on doing good instead of making money. Money is not the goal, it’s the fuel. The purpose of Badger is to do good, make good products and help people. We want to be Badger through and through, by the materials we use, our building, our products and how we treat our employees and customers. There’s really no limit to the products we can make, we’re just taking very simple ingredients and concentrating them in a very simple way.