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Profile: Taking the Wellness Approach

Posted: May 4, 2007

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Malibu Wellness offers online classes to educate professionals on the benefits of its line, which work in combination with spa and salon treatments and lifestyle changes. The company also utilizes online materials to increase exposure to the brand.
“Our strategic plan continues to focus on these professionals and helping them and their clients to gain the knowledge and tools they need to give hair and skin the best possible care and protection,” said Porter. “Oxidation is not a trend; it is a condition of our human existence on this earth. We pioneered wellness as our strategy of care, rather than employing a natural products approach, because we feel that the word ‘natural’ has lost its meaning and has become little more than a marketing buzzword with no reliable quality standards.

“Consumers and professionals really do not understand what natural is, which can, and does, lead to confusion, less than optimum results and questionable long-term benefits. Our hope is to help continue educating both the professional and consumer on the true nature of oxidation and its universal effects on the body—both inside and out. Premature aging is not natural, but its solution is.”
Because of the company’s focus on wellness, it has created an emphasis on lifestyle changes, with products that perform and protect consistently to support those positive changes. By marketing this strategy, Malibu Wellness also hopes to educate the consumer and to create changes that will stay with their clients long after the products they purchase.

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