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Sustainable Packaging—Part 1

By: Jeff Falk
Posted: June 5, 2007, from the June 2007 issue of GCI Magazine.

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In addition, Curtis cites its sustainability initiatives as directly contributing to its rapid growth over the last four years—annual sales have doubled to $40 million in that period—with expectations that the forecast for the ongoing boom in the natural and organic personal care markets will translate to continued growth for the company.

“We have been awarded many pieces of new business from existing clients and new clients, due, in part, to our green approach toward packaging and being responsible corporate citizens,” said Droppo. “[Sustainability] makes sound business sense because the payback or savings to us can be realized very quickly and [it is] environmentally friendly. It’s the true definition of a win-win. Like decorating a house, protecting and preserving our future is an ongoing endeavor. These endeavors take a serious time and energy commitment.”

For additional information, revisit GCI magazine’s profile of John Delfausse, Aveda’s vice president of package development, and listen to the archive of the GCI webinar Beauty Goes Green: Manufacturing and Packaging.


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