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The Green Report Part II

By: Jeff Falk
Posted: September 6, 2007

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I think this new eco-responsible opportunity will allow us to communicate better on what we do, on our skills and know-how. Our industry is so creative and one of the safest. As you know, we are submitted to more stringent rules than both the food and pharmaceutical industries. By the way, the REACH regulation don’t apply to these two …

Thierry Cruchon: Concerning the industry, efforts have been made in terms of sustainability. Many of the cosmetic industry actors have established charters, written commitments or actions showing their concerns about ecology and ethics.

Euromonitor International states that 2007 is a year of innovation that pulls together trends to satisfy a broad range
of consumer demands and looks beyond the beauty industry for inspiration. Where have you looked for inspiration? What green innovations do you believe have made the biggest impact on the beauty industry? What innovations are you exploring?
Alban Muller: My inspiration comes from my knowledge of and love for nature and from my common sense! As a manufacturer of natural products, it is obvious we need to care about biodiversity.

The biggest impact on our industry is not one innovation, but this new green state of mind which makes you realize you have to take a broader picture into account.

Thierry Cruchon: At SILAB, our main concern is to develop innovative concepts, and our inspiration comes mainly from nature. Indeed, to engineer innovative natural active ingredients, we rely on three main pillars: