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Manufacturing Excellence: Merging and Consolidating Operations

By: C. Richard Panico
Posted: October 14, 2008, from the May 2006 issue of GCI Magazine.

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An excellent way to manage the fear of change is to transform it from a perceived negative to a perceived positive. Engaging stakeholders in an effort to create something new, in this case an improved and consolidated operation, can be an effective tool to minimize fear. By virtue of effective leadership, stakeholders must be reminded that they are part of a select group that affects positive organizational change and create something that is better than what exists today. It will be a powerful and exciting feeling to realize that thoughts and opinions of how things should be will not only be heard but eventually acted upon. Engaging stakeholders in this manner often can minimize negative impacts associated with the fear of change.

The challenge to merge and consolidate operations can be daunting. Engagements of this type require the deft management of a myriad of data, information and resources, and it can quickly become encumbering—particularly without the guidance of a structured approach. It is absolutely essential to apply equal focus to the nuts and bolts and the human element. With respect to these critical activities, independence is not an option—substitute interdependence. The application of a truly interdependent, structured approach to consolidating operations will yield a solution that is successful and, most importantly, sustainable.


C. Richard Panico gratefully acknowledges the co-authoring of this article by his colleague Larry Radowski, manager, project planning and execution at IPM.