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Case Study: Steer for the Fast Track

By: Don Condit
Posted: October 5, 2009, from the October 2009 issue of GCI Magazine.

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“The impact on our production was stunning,” says Stewart. “For one of our shampoo products, this device cut the mix cycle from between five and seven hours to about 20 minutes. Across the board, we now apply high-speed injection technology to solubilize and disperse many additions—from various gums to aloe vera, oils and surfactants.

Ancillary benefits have included fewer problems with foaming and dusting in the plant. But the big payoff was really two-fold. First, we saw a huge increase in our capacity. On many lines we have gone from one batch per day to two or three. And second, we also saw a significant increase in product quality and performance. With a narrower particle size distribution, we created products that felt creamier and more luxurious, while they also delivered better stability and extended shelf life.”

Don Condit is the president of Condit Marketing Communications, and has written extensively on technology for contract manufacturing in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.