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More: State of Packaging 2010

By: Jeff Falk
Posted: September 1, 2010, from the September 2010 issue of GCI Magazine.

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One example can be seen in the increasing use of shrink sleeves to simplify the labeling process, which ultimately saves time and money. By taking this approach, manufacturers avoid having to change out pre-printed bottles when switching from one SKU to another. This also increases flexibility of the manufacturing line, helping reduce downtime and the rate of changeover.

Bielefeldt: For companies that didn’t want to take the plunge with a custom bottle, they may have sacrificed the custom shape and used a stock bottle. At Alpha, since we had fewer custom bottle projects for our in-house design team, we took advantage of our design and engineering team and developed four new stock lines for the beauty market. Those bottles are available now for personal care companies ready to make a packaging change.

Another area in which brand owners have made sacrifices is with their container decorating. To save money and simplify packaging, major consumer products companies have reduced the number of colors they use in screen printing, and eliminated some signature branding elements such as foil banding or metallic hot stamping.

Q: What has surprised you most about either what packaging/designs/technologies have connected with consumers or what directions brands have gone with their packaging?

Trout: In recent consumer tests, we noticed a sophistication or an awareness across many consumers that certain packages were “airless” in design. This depth of knowledge typically signifies an understanding of benefits as well. “I like this airless system because…” was a common refrain. Prior to this testing we knew that consumers liked certain (airless) packages because they would get more product out or it would dispense more consistently, but we did not know they could discern the difference between non-airless and airless systems. This just further shows the importance that airless packaging is playing across beauty and personal care categories.

Nagel: Packaging decoration—printing, color options, foil-stamping—is increasingly more innovative, and sophisticated. We have invested in expanding our printing capacity so we can keep up. We embrace change at JSN, and are proud to be a participant in such an innovative field.