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A Packaging Approach That Conveys Efficiency

By: Elizabeth Boch
Posted: November 19, 2010, from the December 2010 issue of GCI Magazine.

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Working with a provider also puts you at the forefront of cutting-edge logistics trends, including retailer consolidation and collaborative programs. Instead of sending pallets less-than truckload, these providers combine your shipments with those of other brand owners headed to the same destination, reducing your transportation costs and potential for damages.

Companies such as Hanson Logistics, Millard and CaseStack collaborate with each link on the supply chain to ensure efficiency. These technology-driven programs allow retailers to speak directly with the logistics provider. By combining less-than-truckload orders into full truckload shipments, you simultaneously reduce cost and cut carbon emissions. Dan Sanker, CEO of CaseStack, explains, “Lowering logistics costs doesn’t require lowering service levels or distribution. With a retailer consolidation program, [brand owners] reduce their costs 20–40%. Their transit times are cut in half, on-time deliveries go up at least 20% and the amount of greenhouse gas emitted is much lower, giving them a higher sustainability rating.”

Consider the story of Advanced Beauty Systems, a Dallas-based manufacturer of body and beauty care products who, in 2005, needed to reduce the number of damaged products being sent to its retail partners, as well as handle rapidly increasing demand. Since joining a consolidation program, it has saved thousands of dollars in damages and cut carbon emissions by more than two-thirds.

Efficiency for Everyone

Consumer insights are changing, and they want efficiently produced, packaged and shipped goods that please the wallet just as much as they please the eye. They are no longer intrigued enough by fancy and intricate packaging alone to pay exorbitant costs. By retooling your packaging with logistics in mind and finding a provider who understands both the connection and your product, you stand to reduce your costs and dramatically increase your profits.

Elizabeth Boch is the marketing manager at CaseStack—where she handles the public relations, advertising, marketing and business intelligence strategies for the growing provider of sustainable logistics solutions. A substantial background in journalism and advertising brought her to CaseStack, where she has worked since 2008.