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Doing More With Less

By: Andrew H. Dent, PhD
Posted: January 19, 2011, from the January 2011 issue of GCI Magazine.

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Recent innovations in materials for packaging continue to allow more to be done with less through lower impact solutions that simply use less. But what happens then? When you have used as little as you can, for example in Poland Spring’s water bottles that use the minimum amount of plastic possible, there is nowhere left to go (assuming you are already using recycled content).

At that point, sustainability turns to the Cradle to Cradle, a methodology that encourages you to do more good rather than less bad by ensuring that the packaging you produce enhances the environment and human health rather than doing a minimum amount of damage.

So improve and innovate as best you can to minimize your impact and do as much as you can with as little as possible. But after that, take a look at how you might redesign using Cradle to Cradle, and consider how you can do much, much more with more to make a positive rather than negative impact on our planet.



Andrew H. Dent, PhD is vice president, library and materials research, for Material ConneXion, a global materials consultancy and library of innovative and sustainable materials.