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Natural Product Packaging

By: Red R. Thalhammer
Posted: December 10, 2007, from the December 2007 issue of GCI Magazine.

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An example of a line that succeeds in communicating a candid and natural message is the salon hair care line Modern Organic Products (MOP). MOP focuses on simple solutions to hair care that work in unison with nature. The translucent, clean-shaped bottle with a fairly small left-center type supports their mission and creates synergy. What makes MOP outstanding and ultimately recognizable as a modern and organic product is the total emotional experience that its products reflect.

When discussing natural cosmetic and skin care products, it is important to emphasize the benefits of sustainability and environmental consciousness. Within a single product, this message must be integrated consistently in all aspects—from the graphic design of the packaging to the container structure that minimizes environmental impact. Natural products exist for use, not abuse. Designers must therefore not let the consumer forget why they chose the natural product over the generic. Consumers must be reminded every step of the way—from the moment they remove the product from the store shelf to when it is placed it on their bathroom counter to when it is thrown into the recycling bin—of all of the product’s personal and environmental benefits. The packaging of today sets the standard for the future.