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State of Packaging 2011

By: Lisa Doyle
Posted: November 1, 2011, from the November 2011 issue of GCI Magazine.

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Hutson: There is a new trend emerging as consumers now also want to recharge and slow down, which will impact packaging design. This trend will result in the launch of products and packaging concepts that allow the customer to pause, take her time, and enjoy the full product experience.

Many consumers will also crave an escape from normality to a fantasy world, generating the interest in more extraordinary and far-out designs and packaging concepts. These futuristic packaging designs—using technologies such as rapid prototyping and special finishes, for example—will be needed to satisfy the desire for unusual and offbeat concepts.

Bielefeldt: Sustainability will continue to impact new packaging materials and packaging styles as brands try to add value or connect more closely with consumers who are concerned about the environment. Many consumers are very committed to recycling in their personal lives and react very favorably to companies that are making an effort to utilize the recycled materials in their packaging.

Nowak: At Rexam, we have identified five key marketplace trends and their impact. First, there is “nomadism,” which refers to our on-the-go lifestyle. Smaller, easier-to-transport packages will result. Secondly, emerging markets and economic factors will impact the importance of local sourcing and the need for supply flexibility. Thirdly, the growing trend of “premiumization” will be evidenced by such changes as greater use of metals versus plastics, enhanced decoration, surface treatments and accessories. Fourth, sustainability issues will foster growth in eco-friendly designs and materials and interest in reusable materials and recyclability. Lastly, health and youth preservation will result in demand for airless packaging, greater mechanical support for softer formulations, anti-UV packaging, increased use of foaming soaps to prevent viruses, and senior-friendly packaging.

Jackson: In the past decade, packaging has evolved from being considered only as a container to becoming a valuable applicator, enhancing formulas. This trend will continue in the next year with the objective to bring more and more professional use and desired results at home.