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The End Justifies the Means

By: Sara Mason
Posted: February 11, 2008, from the February 2008 issue of GCI Magazine.
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Consumers are more eco-conscious in every aspect of their lives, and the fragrance business has made note
of it. The fragrance industry traditionally has been very sophisticated in the materials and techniques it’s used to make its luxury packaging, but as the market shifts into more sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging alternatives, the challenge becomes marrying luxury with a message of corporate and social responsibility.

Secondary packaging is the first impression that consumers have of a product or brand. Its purpose is to attract attention. “Packaging is an opportunity to make an emotional connection with consumers and give them confidence in their purchase,” said Karen Koeningsberg, assistant manager, HLP Clear Packaging Products. In the fragrance market, this means the package has to look the part: bright whites, quality design and colors, and sturdy packaging that protects the bottle.

Yet, with consumer awareness continuing to rise, marketers must reinforce an eco-conscious philosophy through its package, no matter what’s inside the box. It’s not just in the colors and labels—it is also the materials used. With a diverse range of sustainable and biodegradable materials that has become available in recent years, the packaging of fragrance finally has a chance to both look the part and embody the green brand identity desired by today’s consumers, without sacrificing a luxury look.

Luxuriously Responsible Secondary Packaging
Curtis Packaging is among the leaders in the industry for its environmental practices, with the use of unique materials, green messaging and right-sizing. “Curtis is committed to developing sustainable printing and packaging processes that will deliver the luxurious look and feel that the fragrance industry demands,” said Rosanna D’Oleo, marketing associate, Curtis Packaging. Most recently, Curtis worked with Elizabeth Arden to manufacture the packaging of the new fragrance Britney Spears’ Believe. The unique fold-over clamshell design allows for more graphic display space without using excessive packaging. Also, the graphic details of the packaging were achieved ink-free, using instead six passes of hot stamping.