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Case Study: Packaging That Inspires Confidence

By: Tim Eaves
Posted: June 1, 2012, from the June 2012 issue of GCI Magazine.

Companies often invest heavily in the formulation aspect of a new product. However, to arrive at the finished product, it takes more than laboratory resources. The container has a vital role to play too, and not just in terms of enclosure but also in terms of protection, actuation, consumer experience and brand alignment.

In fact, a package’s appearance can underline the efficacy of a formula, as Greek pharmaceutical company Frezyderm discovered when it developed its new premium range of OTC skin care treatments. Its search for the right pack led it to Yonwoo’s Show Bottle, developed by the Turkish office of international packaging provider Quadpack.

“Quadpack provided a solution that combines Yonwoo’s airless protection with a test tube shape that inspires consumer confidence,” says Efthimios A. Anastasiou, managing director of Frezyderm. “The packs not only protect our advanced formula, they also look clinically efficient, which helps the products’ performance on the market.”

Science Backed Cosmetics

Founded in 1987, Frezyderm provides dermatological cosmetic products for both adults and children. Its products are exclusively sold in pharmacies in Europe and the Middle East, often on doctors’ recommendations, and its primary product lines include sun care, acne and anti-aging products, along with products to address atopic dermatitis, all aimed at making a difference in people’s everyday lives.