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The Simple Story of Wonderfully Complex Color Packaging

By: Kevin Marshall
Posted: August 28, 2012, from the September 2012 issue of GCI Magazine.

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To this end, Albéa has launched a unique powder compact called Eureka, complete with sponge applicator (designed with an organically shaped handle) that allows users to replicate the cosmetic application techniques of makeup experts. It’s a striking package with major shelf appeal, and when you consider how women pat-pat-pat this type of product onto their face, the handling benefits of the sponge are quite apparent.

Sephora has a magnetic, stacking brush wand that is sleek and clever. Made by Anisa International Inc., it possesses multiple brush heads in different shapes for different looks and purposes, all neatly stacked, part n’ parcel of the wand itself. Crisp graphics let the consumer know exactly where each brush sits in the pecking order, from top to bottom. Also, the company Cosmogen has developed a line of tubes that come with a patented rotating head (to preserve formula integrity) and multifunctional applicators, providing multiple benefits with the advancement of a single component, in this case the closure.

And while not a delivery system per se but cool nonetheless, blending science and beauty would be TaikiUSA’s antimicrobial resin EcoG+. Created to allow mascara developers to reduce preservatives in their formulas (or even eliminate them) yet still maintain product efficacy, this is one innovation consumers might not be able to see but will surely appreciate as preservatives can cause eye irritation.

Creativity combined with consumer insight has always been a cornerstone in the beauty business. Without these two ingredients, truly innovative packaging or products are impossible to design and develop, let alone convincingly move into a competitive marketplace. Color cosmetics continues to grow on a global scale, not in small part to the many dedicated brands and professionals rising to the challenge of delivering unique and exceptional experiences to the consumer. Packaging that is intuitive, beautiful and enhances the user experience is now the new benchmark, and crucial for success in this category. It must look great, of course, but it must function beyond expectations, as well.

Innovation and attention to detail are fueling color cosmetics today. Be they new breakthrough products, line extensions, seasonal collections or just a fun new lipstick in a kicky color, the market demands excellence and ingenuity. With the advancement of new delivery system technologies, multitasking packages, high-tech materials, fresh deco techniques and expanding platforms with which to engage consumers, building better products was never so creative or fun for the stakeholders, and exciting for our customers.