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Crown Announces Greener Dispensing System

Posted: May 7, 2008
Crown Holdings, Inc. announced to GCI magazine on May 6, 2008, during the CSPA mid-year meeting in Chicago, Illinois, that the Crown has designed a safer and innovative alternative to current dispensing systems.

In collaboration with Ultramotive Corporation—the patent holder of the new technology—Crown co-developed the EarthSafe Dispensing System to help brand owners comply with directives from the California Air Resources Board (CARB). On January 1, 2010, consumer products such as shave gels, which are housed in aerosol cans or similar dispensing systems, will be mandated to meet environmental regulations set forth by CARB to decrease greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S. by reducing the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in such products. The EarthSafe Dispensing System follows CARB’s directive and is 100% recyclable and reusable.

“Crown is committed to bringing new technologies to market that help brand owners comply with evolving industry regulations, achieve higher levels of sustainability and improve the consumer experience,” says Raymond McGowan, president of Crown Americas. “The use of compressed air reduces VOCs and, in turn, decreases the impact on the environment. Combined with the fact that metal packaging can be infinitely recycled with absolutely no loss or alteration in quality, the EarthSafe Dispensing System offers significant brand benefits to consumer packaged goods companies.”

Crown’s EarthSafe system, holding 52 mL of viscous product, replaces hydrocarbons with compressed air as the propellant. It also features an advanced valve technology for a steadier, consistent dispelling stream and a tamper-evident, universal grommet to provide an airtight seal.

According to Michael Dunleavy, vice president of corporate affairs and public relations, Crown and Ultramotive looked at the dispenser as a whole, symbiotic system, instead of as individual parts, to make this technology happen.