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Masters of Dispense

By: Sara Mason
Posted: October 10, 2008, from the January 2006 issue of GCI Magazine.

In a marketplace that is saturated with new product introductions, thanks in part to increased speed-to-market and evolving technology, it is critical that marketers make a point-of-difference impression almost immediately. It is understood that to stand out on the shelf, packaging has to address all the senses in terms of color, shape, ergonomics and surface feel. Because consumers are becoming more critical in making their purchasing decisions, suppliers must go a step further to create sophisticated packaging that meets real-world demands.

The challenge to the industry is to optimize the consumer pull of innovative and attractive packaging while focusing on the primary conditions for today’s design—convenience, portability and purity. Innovation from several suppliers gives manufacturers the opportunity to differentiate their brands and offer packaging that meets current consumer demands.

Active Living

Today’s consumer has a very active lifestyle and is looking for convenience and easy-to-use packaging. Ergonomics and comfort are two design concerns for ease-of-use. “On the other hand, internal procedures need to be efficient—standardized—to make costs reasonable,” explained Christian Hauger, marketing and product management, fragrance and cosmetics, Pfeiffer GmbH. “Therefore, modular concepts and structures are key success factors.”

An active lifestyle often means time at the gym, and no one wants to open the gym bag and find a puddle of lotion at the bottom. Airspray’s Symplicity lotion pump features a fool-proof pump lock, all-plastic design and water-resistance. “(This pump) offers manufacturers clear advantages in the growing lotion market, in terms of its appearance, ergonomics and ease-of-use,” said David Stob, director of new product development, Airspray. “The output is generous, and the transparent bellows offer full visual control of the dispensed volume.”

Viscous Formulas

“Formulas are becoming more and more viscous, demanding a high suction force and, therefore, (there is a need for) dispensing that can handle these formulas with relative ease,” explained Eric Desmaris, marketing manager, Rexam Dispensing Systems. The company offers a dispensing system that has benefits to the consumer—including low-actuation force, which translates to ease of use and a 90%+ evacuation rate for even the most viscous of formulas.