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Capsule and Single-dosage Options Boon to Brands

By: Jeff Falk
Posted: April 7, 2009, from the April 2009 issue of GCI Magazine.

Innovation is not always about delivering new products. It can be about delivering products in a new way. Additionally, as Alan Isacson, president, ABI PR, once said, “Innovation is not about packaging; it’s about giving brands the competitive edge.” Under these criteria, single-dose packaging and capsule dosage are particularly intriguing. There is much innovation going on with these packaging formats, but their ultimate success may be better judged by the trends they serve, opportunities they afford and consumers they intrigue.

In a recent GCI magazine contribution from Euromonitor International, it was noted that markets in the current climate will be defined by product innovation. Carol Gamsby, sales manager, James Alexander Corporation; and Mark Vieceli, manager, marketing and business development, Americas region, Capsugel, share what role single-dose packaging and capsule dosage formats have in brand innovation and market growth.

GCI: How does the capsule dosage form aid marketers in building more impactful brands?

Vieceli: The capsule dosage form offers an opportunity for cosmetic companies to roll out line extensions that complement their topical products. Supplements under their brand can be an addition, even a boost, to the treatment offered by their topical products.

Consumers are very aware of the ingredients in topical products and the science behind their effectiveness. The importance of antioxidants, for example, is discussed in the major media. Antioxidants are key ingredients addressing aging issues. Most consumers today recognize that aging cannot be treated with just topical applications. Nutrition and exercise are also important components of the equation. In many cases, people are not able to get what they need just from their diets; processed foods and fast-paced lifestyles throw nutrition out of balance. So many consumers, even in this economy, look to supplements to help them reach their self-established nutritional guidelines.

Cosmetic companies can take advantage of the consumers continued use and preference for supplements, along with the research coming out now that indicates certain oral cosmetics or nutracosmetics can actually help topical products work better. The oral carotenoids—lutein, astaxanthan and zeaxanthin, as examples—can be provided as powerful supplements to their topical offering.

Speaking more specifically about capsule dosage forms, cosmetic companies also can satisfy the consumers’ preference for the capsule form over tablet forms and the opportunity to provide a clean label (no preservatives, no additives) in a natural, nonanimal vegetarian form.

GCI: What is both the role and impact of capsule dosage or single-dose packaging on the growth of cosmeceuticals and sophisticated skin care regimens?