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Pragmatic Approaches—Online Extras

By: Jeff Falk
Posted: June 30, 2010, from the July 2010 issue of GCI Magazine.

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Ormiston: As far as production, we have spent quite a bit of both capital and research work on reducing raw material consumption, both through recycled and reused technologies and utilization of new technologies that eliminated the need for use of some carbon based fuels. And, as far as products offered, we are offering a new aluminum alloy that has a guaranteed percentage of post consumer recycled stock in it that customers have asked for and I think that’s probably the two main areas that we have focused on in the last 18 months.

How do these efforts impact brand owners?

Funicelli: They impact brand owners in substantial ways. Most important, they help build brands by differentiating products by a triple “wow!” factor. A recyclable material that has reflective shimmer and simultaneously communicates to the consumer a message of environmental friendliness, and supports the manufacturer’s sustainability initiative, packs a powerful force. Brand owners also appreciate the source reduction and reduced shipping costs. We’re seeing both big brands and private labels choose these materials. We’re also seeing them rethink how they want to communicate on their packaging their message about sustainability.

Ormiston: Some of the premier brands are quite excited about the proactive stance of offering the recycled aluminum, our stewardship for the environment and not negatively affecting the environment to do so. Also, our efforts on sustainability mean a lot more than recycling and re-using, what it means overall is you’re going to be here tomorrow, you’re financially solvent, you have a good human rights record, you have a good environmental record, you have a good legal record and you have a good customer service record; so all of those things together mean you have a sustainable growing enterprise.

How well has the beauty industry, in general, embraced these efforts and translated them effectively into consumer products?