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The First Evolution of the Makeup Brush

Artis makeup brushes, available from Taiki


  • Using the Brushes

    Using the Brushes

    A model uses one of the Artis makeup brushes, available from Taiki, to apply blush.

    Model applies makeup with Artis makeup brush, available from Taiki
By: Jim Perry, president and CEO of TaikiUSA
Posted: May 21, 2014

Beauty Partnership

Taiki is pleased to collaborate with Matthew Waitesmith, renowned makeup industry visionary and founder of Artis. Artis is dedicated to the creation of revolutionary new brush design collections.

Cosmetic application hasn’t changed since its inception—from painting on canvas to painting makeup onto a face as its canvas. Professional makeup artist have taken on the role of the painter and use brushes as tools to apply makeup. There has always been a disconnect between the person applying makeup on others and someone applying makeup on themselves. Beauty tools don’t properly accommodate self application.

Artis brushes are the first cosmetic application tools that are designed with self application in mind—they are shaped to fit comfortably in the user’s hand and angled to help one apply product on one’s own face.

Due to the angled dimension of the brush head, the entire is brush is used to apply makeup, not just the side of the brush. This deliberate design provides more precise and consistent product application results. Powder sits on the top of the fiber not in the brush, making pick up and application more efficient.

Animal Free Solution

Taiki has long believed that animal hair used to make brushes contributes to quality problems. In addition, high-quality goats and other animal hair is increasingly challenging to source. All Artis brushes are made with Cosmefibre—100% human-engineered fiber with small indentations that offer superior pick up and release of product. Cosmefibre is animal free, which offers consistent quality and enhanced performance.

Exclusively from Taiki

Taiki is an industry leader in brush making technology. Taiki has been developing innovative brush designs for over 80 years. This partnership combines creativity and experience that will provide customers with state of the art solutions.

Artis Design brushes are a licensed patented product of Artis LLC.

To be a part of the transformation: www.taikiusabeauty.com/artis


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