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Supply Chain: Designing a Cosmetic Supply Chain

By: Simon Kaye
Posted: January 10, 2008, from the January 2008 issue of GCI Magazine.

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The First Step: Tracking
Efficient, reliable tracking is the first step toward establishing the strongest supply chain possible. Missed deadlines, launches, production runs and promotions can destroy a company’s reputation and cause untold chaos for vendors who must explain to customers that the system has all gone wrong, perhaps causing them to lose business forever. Information control is king when it comes to creating a supply chain that self-cleans; correct information can eliminate calling backwards and forwards from a supply chain node, chasing suppliers, forwarders, shipping lines and truckers, and generally spending hours in a given day making sure that the whole line is informed about delays or problems.

The modern supply chain strives to solve vendor problems by providing transparency and listening to the needs of the people at the receiving end. A freight forwarding agency with a comprehensive electronic tracking protocol is the most cutting-edge and customer-tested method for ensuring that freight is delivered on time. These agencies allow companies the ability to track freight as it moves across the world.

A modern method that has amazing results, electronic tracking reduces pressure and workload on a company’s traffic department, allowing a company to save money, reduce stress and improve efficiency at every turn.

More information at a company’s fingertips means less time spinning wheels, and frees people in decision-making positions to pursue more important, high-level goals instead of wondering what is going on at a loading dock or arguing with customs half a world away.

Comprehensive global electronic tracking directly addresses issues that many people have been clamoring for from a professional freight information system. The right supply chain allows the cosmetics industry to operate smoothly and allows companies to more firmly establish confidence with its clients, eliminate stress and add value to products by making sure they are delivered on time, every time. It’s creating a supply chain that makes everyone look pretty.