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Tested, Vetted and Proven to Win

By: Alisa Marie Beyer
Posted: November 25, 2013, from the December 2013 issue of GCI Magazine.

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So now what?

Now the real fun of creating your brand begins, but that doesn’t mean it’s always going to feel like fun. Be ready to potentially face some fundamental changes in your idea, and, in the words of Stephen King, “Kill your darlings.” If the one aspect of your concept that you loved the most and were sure would be a runaway hit with consumers comes back with low appeal ratings or negative consumer feedback, you have to be ready to make the cut and let it go.

The same applies for ideas that she loves or raved over. Did your patented technology score off the charts and make all the participants excited? Great, take that idea and see how you can make it even better. Maybe that technology was never meant to be the lead point-of-difference, but if your consumer is that compelled by it, perhaps it should be.

Before concept testing, your idea was just that—an idea for a brand or product that may or may not resonate with real consumers. After concept testing, your idea has suddenly become a viable blueprint for your brand that has identified strengths and weaknesses from the one person whose opinion still matters most— your consumer.

Armed with these consumer insights, you can now take your original idea and transform it into the rock-solid, winning idea the consumer has just told you she wants based upon your vision. By asking her what she loves about your idea, as well as what she’d change, you are being given the opportunity to bypass some potential pitfalls you may not have seen coming that could exponentially impact how your brand comes to life further along in the launch process.

Alisa Marie Beyer is the founder and creative director of The Beauty Company (TBC), a global beauty consulting firm offering business, strategy, consumer intelligence and branding. Serving its clients at every stage of development (from start-ups to 13 of the top 15 global beauty companies), TBC intimately understands the industry, the consumer and the market, and becomes an integral part of each client or project team.;