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Eucerin Reveals 'Skin First Pledge'

Posted: May 20, 2010

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The Council published its Skin First Manifesto, "The Physical, Economic and Emotional Benefits of Healthy Skin," a digital white paper summarizing the important health stories the skin can tell and how we may use those stories to be better informed about other health conditions and overall well-being. Through its efforts, the Council hopes to encourage the public to put their skin first and to help them navigate the path to health. And with the release of the Skin First Manifesto, the Council members lent their unique perspectives to demonstrate the urgent need to raise awareness of the importance of skin health.

"Throughout my career and my life, protecting my health has always been one of my top priorities," said Webb. "As a model and actress, glowing skin is both a personal goal and a professional asset, and I've come to realize that achieving this is really beyond beauty and about health. As women, we're always trying to 'do it all,' and by getting our priorities straight about our health, we can truly achieve anything, from raising a family to having a successful career to maintaining a look that simply glows from good health."

"The founders of modern dermatology helped create the Eucerin brand, so its insight and experience with skin care is undisputed," said Sarnoff. "As a physician in private practice, I want to empower my patients to know their skin and recognize what it's telling them before a problem arises. Through the Eucerin Skin First program, consumers everywhere—whether their skin is healthy or in need of special care—will now have the tools needed to better understand the important role the skin plays in overall health."

"Participating in the Eucerin Skin First Council has been an exciting opportunity to explore the practical function of skin health," said  Balkrishnan. "It is eye-opening to note that in a recent study, skin diseases were among the top 15 groups of medical conditions, taking a financial toll of approximately $39.3 billion per year in medical services and lost productivity. If we make skin health a top priority, we will see a powerful impact on quality of life from a financial, emotional and practical perspective."