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Alberto-Culver Announces Strong First Quarter

Posted: January 25, 2007

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"The amount of work involved at all levels of the company in completing the Sally transaction and the wide variety of steps we have taken to reorganize our consumer products business could have been an enormous distraction in the quarter and one that could have negatively impacted our results," said Carol L. Bernick, executive chairman, Alberto-Culver. "It is a credit to our entire team that they were able to undertake all of this while still producing very strong results, and I am extremely proud of their efforts. This is both a challenging and exciting time in what is now a new chapter for Alberto-Culver, but also a time that offers tremendous opportunity. As we move forward, shareholders should expect to see the same energy and passion from our employees and board members that we have shown in the past as our commitment to creating shareholder value continues unabated."

Bernick also announced that the company’s board of directors has approved a quarterly cash dividend of 5.5 cents per share, or 22 cents per share on an annualized basis, to be paid on February 20, 2007, to shareholders of record on February 5, 2007.

"Alberto-Culver has, for many years, had a strong tradition of dividend payouts and dividend growth," said Bernick. "Going forward, we will continue to keep the interests of shareholders at the forefront of our thinking."