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Marketing Matters: The Sweet Smell of Success

By: Donna C. Barson
Posted: November 8, 2007, from the November 2007 issue of GCI Magazine.

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What can we learn from these two examples? In my research as to why new brands/products succeed or fail, several factors repeatedly emerged, most of them having to do with marketing. Not surprisingly, tarte and Pangea both followed the successful track.

To help make a new brand/product successful:

  • Brands need to stand out in the crowded marketplace. tarte accomplished this via its health couture approach of skin invigorating ingredients inside of fashion-oriented packaging. Pangea does this with its trend-right focus on organics.
  • Companies need to be flexible. They must be ready and willing to change as the marketplace dictates.
  • Companies must research the market and be trend-forward by examining noncompeting industries to see what are the latest developments that are brewing. Pangea has been doing this very successfully, and it is right on trend with the movement towards natural and organic personal care ingredients
  • Brands/products must have personality so consumers can identity with them.
  • Brands/products must stand for something. Pangea is environmentally consciousness, and tarte focuses on products that benefit overall well-being along with supporting charitable organizations. Consumers like to support companies/products/brands that they feel help make the world a better place, rather than supporting those deemed as existing strictly for profit.
  • Products should be marketed in a unique venue that allows the power and personality of the product to shine through.

Of course, other factors are in play when new products/brands are introduced—such as price, accessibility and so forth. But intelligent marketing plays a big role. So maybe that old saying should be amended to say that success is 50% perspiration, 1% inspiration and 49% savvy marketing!