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Learning Social Media’s Lessons

By: Katja Bartholmess and Ron Robinson
Posted: August 31, 2011, from the September 2011 issue of GCI Magazine.

In a study among 800,000 Facebook users, Nielsen Company market researchers revealed statistics convincing enough to persuade even the most skeptical brands to try their hand at social media. The study showed that putting an advertisement in a social context compared to just placing a standard online ad yields twice the awareness and a whopping four times the purchase intent. This isn’t just a slight uptick—these figures illustrate a strong trend in the way consumers make their purchasing decisions.

And, luckily for beauty brands across all categories, new tools are being developed every day, and they are designed to better engage consumers and increase the impact of social outreach. This article intends to shed some light on trends and best practices, broken down by popular beauty categories: anti-aging, acne, color cosmetics, nails, hair and fragrance.

And it’s worth taking a quick glance back before looking forward.

Where We Were in 2010 and Where We Are in 2011

It seemed that in 2010, while all the major players in the beauty industry had a social media presence in place, only few were tapping its full potential to truly engage with and listen to their consumers. Sometimes, the mere existence of a Facebook page counted as social media strategy. This is akin to simply buying the frame that holds a billboard. The majority of brands had not sufficiently focused on delivering a comprehensive social marketing strategy that truly leverages its true word-of-mouth potential and tracked their return on investment.