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Using Social Media to Enhance Face-to-Face Encounters

By: Rob Murphy
Posted: November 1, 2011, from the November 2011 issue of GCI Magazine.

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Choosing the right platform is linked to each brand’s unique DNA. “Social media and beauty is a good fit because of the emotional connection for building a brand. Facebook is one of the best platforms because beauty is visual. Facebook is fully integrated—video, pictures, content,” says Koetting. “It’s amazing what some of the small, nontraditional forums are doing. People are talking about problems and issues, and brands can find niche groups and answer those questions.”

“Beauty is all about images,” Walsh adds. “So to be able to send a tweet to entice people to read more, either on the brand’s website or on its Facebook wall, builds awareness of what is happening within the company.”

Different segments of beauty require different vehicles. “Twitter can be especially great for cosmetics because it offers a quick, in-and-out engagement,” says Walker Benson. “For other areas of beauty, such as plastic surgery or dermatologists, Facebook is a better platform as the topics require room for longer conversation and content for educational purposes.”

“Twitter is great for sharing immediate information such as, ‘We’re here at Fashion Week’, whereas Facebook is great for sharing an entire look post,” adds Coney. “However, for most beauty brands, their Twitter following is completely different than their Facebook following. When brands tweet something into Facebook, there can be a disconnect for the people who don’t get Twitter.”

Take Advantage of Trade Show Resources

In recent years, trade show organizers have built in social media to help enhance the trade show experience for both exhibiting companies and attendees. Not only can you promote your presence at the show, but you can also build your social media following by taking advantage of the trade show organizer’s virtual resources and social media activities. For example, HBA Global currently uses LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook as its social media forums to promote show events, communicate updates and provide special offerings. Tweets, postings on Facebook, and discussions on LinkedIn were used to showcase exhibitors and conference speakers.