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Case Study: Leveraging Social Referrals for Hair-raising Results

By: Trevor Legwinski
Posted: February 1, 2012, from the January 2012 issue of GCI Magazine.

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Lastly, the timing of the referral program itself contributes to its success. Folica’s six-month referral program falls into the sweet spot of a program’s life cycle and primes it for future or extended referral programs. 

With its first foray into a social referral program, Folica experienced the unprecedented value its consumers had in affecting and fueling the purchasing funnel. Folica’s consumers became its most effective marketing channel. 


A well-designed social referral program led Folica to achieve results that exceeded its expectations and ultimately squashed industry-standard online conversion rates and produced quality ROI.

Trevor Legwinski is the director of marketing at Extole. In addition to retailers such as Safeway, Famous Footwear and Sky Mall, Extole’s clients include Audi, The Discovery Channel, MGM Resorts and The Boston Globe.