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Becoming an Engagement Brand

By: Katja Bartholmess and Ron Robinson
Posted: April 4, 2012, from the April 2012 issue of GCI Magazine.

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To engage with your consumers successfully, you need to know what truly resonates with them and what they respond to most positively. Canvassing the community, which has nearly 50,000 members interested in topics on skin care, hair care and makeup, we discovered several topics beauty brands can engage customers and consumers (through methods as simple as asking or answering questions) and encourage them to participate in events and activities, comment on stories and news, add “likes” on Facebook, re-tweet pertinent (or sometimes just fun) tweets, and so on.

Know What Matters to Your Consumer

Here’s an overview of what the surveyed community members found particularly important.

Consumers appreciate—and, now more than ever, even expect—responsiveness. One member said about a beauty brand she interacts with on a regular level, “They always answer all my makeup and skin care questions and respond to everyone quickly.” Being an engagement brand means if a follower or fan takes the time to say something about your brand—even if it’s not particularly flattering—someone should take the time to respond.

Consumers also want their beauty brands to stand for something. And, increasingly, consumers want brands to be dedicated to a good cause—be it environmental protection, social fairness, animal rights or something else—they feel strongly about as well. It shows consumers you are on the same side they are and that they are giving their loyalty and money to a brand with a conscience.

And consumers want to matter. When you ask your followers and fans to share their opinions or contribute photos and other creative materials, make sure you know and communicate what you’re planning to do with the input. Your followers and fans will become increasingly dedicated and loyal when they feel they are really participating in the development and betterment of “their” beauty brand.

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