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Cyber Anthropology: Why Blogs Matter

By: Michelle Krell Kydd
Posted: September 5, 2008, from the September 2008 issue of GCI Magazine.

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Can virtual diligence on the part of marketers keep them in tune with the culture? Absolutely. Trendcasters are highly in tune with shifts in the culture; this is why companies spend a lot of money on their services. They take the time to key into things that are critical to professionals who are under constant pressure to release new products. If you are a marketer, perform due diligence and read the top 10 blogs that are relevant to your business. It will help shape your intuition regarding the present and the future.

A nice side effect of reading blogs is reinvigoration of passion for the vertical and the customer. Marketers don’t like to admit when they are losing faith because of overwork or competition. In today’s “needed it yesterday” economy, morale loss is highly prevalent. A blog aggregator solves the problem of having to go from site to site in order to gather intelligence. You can put all the blogs you want to read in one place, using a tool like Bloglines ( or Google Reader (, and read them at your leisure.

A video on YouTube called “The Machine is Us/ing Us” (—created by Michael Welsch, an anthropologist at Kansas State University who runs—illustrates the Internet’s evolution and impact, touching on a fact that makes every marketer uneasy: when it comes to brands, the consumer controls the message. As a marketer, you can remain on the sidelines or you can enter the fray and get to know what is important to the consumer.

Michelle Krell Kydd is a marketing and communications consultant and founder of Glass Petal Smoke (