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Marketing and R&D Magic: Fostering Our Vital Relationship with Consumers

By: Nancy McDonald and Salvador Pliego
Posted: April 7, 2009, from the April 2009 issue of GCI Magazine.

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Salvador: It is clearly time for marketing and R&D to go back to the bargaining table and reassess how, together, our respective teams keep the cosmetics industry both magical and honest. We need to pay serious attention to the lessons of these tough times and take the opportunity to better know and respect our customers—and deliver the goods.

They deserve no less than inherent quality in our formulations and veracity in our claims.

Clinique has a brilliant new campaign that echoes these sentiments: “We never overinflate our promises ... or our prices.” It’s no wonder this brand has always resonated with consumers.

Nancy: For the rest of us, our products and our vision should reflect a strong combination of imagination and science.

The unparalleled creativity in our industry should be given free rein to tap into our customers’ emotions; to provide them with a unique product experience. Let’s encapsulate our magic and deliver it via science—and skip the science fiction.

Nancy McDonald is president of McDonald Marketing.

Salvador Pliego is senior director of technical customer service and R&D for the Americas at Kemira.