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Is Your Digital Marketing A Turn-on?

By: Sarah Chung and Tina Hedges
Posted: July 6, 2009, from the July 2009 issue of GCI Magazine.

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The challenge is always to go beyond what has worked in the past. Only the next “newness” will engage online consumers and make it worth their time.

Give Them a Voice

The first rule of thumb in marketing is “always listen to your consumer,” and essentially the new wave of social media is about giving consumers a voice, as well as a place to be heard. If the consumer is in a trusted environment (a community or digital space of their choice), they are more apt to be influenced by the information they hear and act on it.

In 2008, L’Oréal partnered with New York-based SheSpeaks, an online word-of-mouth community of 100,000 women, to launch its Garnier Nutritioniste Eye Roller. L’Oréal sent Eye Rollers to 2,000 SheSpeaks members and asked them to go online to give their feedback. Not only did the participants flood the discussion boards with conversation about the product, they also generated an estimated 150,000 off-line conversations about the product within just the first four weeks. Furthermore, the participants also passed along product coupons, which resulted in an impressive 50,000 downloads of the offer.

“Women love to express their opinions and connect with others, whether it’s online or off-line,” says Aliza Freud, CEO, SheSpeaks, Inc. “When given a voice, they will reward a brand with not only their purchases but also that of their friends and other women through recommendations and pass-along of viral content.”

Sarah Chung is the CEO of Periscope Solutions, a provider of advisory services for small businesses in the areas of strategy, marketing and operations. Periscope delivers research products and consulting services designed to inform and inspire the creation of great products, services and companies.;