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Not Just a Pretty Face: The Power of a Celebrity Endorsement

By: Lisa Doyle
Posted: November 7, 2012
Reggie Bush shaving with shaving cream and a razor

Barc Skincare celebrity spokesperson and NFL star Reggie Bush

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<>Likewise, NFL star Reggie Bush already used the Barc Skincare brand before joining forces with them. And his commitment to the brand was deepened in that, through his connection with the brand, he’s not just a spokesperson, but now also a partner and co-owner with a true investment in the men’s grooming brand’s success.


“We didn’t want to enter into a typical endorsement contract where we would approach a celebrity and ask him to simply act as a spokesperson and do a photo shoot or two,” explains Leon Schuurmans, Barc’s director of sales. “Quite frankly, it would be difficult for Barc—or any niche brand—to strike a major deal like that even if we were actively looking for an endorsement. Reggie’s credibility and value derives from the fact that he joined the company as a partner and owner. As an A list athlete, he has endorsement deals pitched to him on a continual basis. Instead, he chose to partner with an independent niche brand whose products he uses and values—a brand he can help direct and help grow.”

In fact, as a partner, Bush had a hand in the Barc brand’s decision and plan to expand its two core products to a full range of skin care products. “We’ve recently refocused attention on our packaging as well, in part due to Reggie’s input,” adds Schuurmans. “In order to reach out and attract new consumers, we’ve redesigned all of our packaging to match the prestige formulas, and Reggie played a large role in this effort.”

Creative Collaboration

Today’s celebrity spokesperson role involves much more than photo shoots, allowing a chance for cross-marketing benefiting both the brand and celebrity. “With our retail partners, we’ve hosted events at the Grammys and had Fergie appear at a sales conference. And for our customers, we’ve hosted two contests already in which they’ve won Fergie swag and Wet n Wild product,” explains Talbot.

Lily.B is enjoying similar success in leveraging Caillat’s fame and talent. “Our partnership with Colbie allows us to provide many exciting opportunities for our retail partners and consumers,” says Bishop. “For example, her 50-city concert tour allowed for Lily.B to offer ticket giveaways with meet-and-greets, local activities and other promotional opportunities.”

And, in an age of tweets and Facebook, it only makes sense that today’s celebrity spokesperson would make use of social media as part of the endorsement deal. The cross-collaboration between a celeb’s own social media outlets and those of the beauty brand can lead to a slew of new customers.

“Online, we’ve had a marked increase in traffic at all our sites with customers intrigued by the partnership and fans of both brands looking for exclusive content,” says Talbot. “And with Fergie tweeting about Wet n Wild and posting comments and looks on her site, we’ll continue to enjoy more traffic.”

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