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The Elements That Matter: A Story of Everything Going Right

By: Alisa Marie Beyer
Posted: April 28, 2014, from the May 2014 issue of GCI Magazine.

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From a brand video to spokesperson and lifestyle photography to product ingredient images to a visually exciting brand story book to the smallest piece of branding, Purity of Elements created all the tools needed to really tell its story. Under the halo of Santa Fe, the brand invested carefully in all these assets well in advance of launch so that when the brand finally hits the market, one seamless, gorgeous visual image greets consumers and retailers alike.

Really, Prove It

I adore that old saying that points out that you can’t put lipstick on a pig. Today, no amount of lipstick will cover up a bad or untested product. Tim Metternich, the CEO of Purity of Elements, insisted every product be formulated with only the purest ingredients found in nature for healthy skin that would work for women at any age. In order to differentiate the products, the brand took inspiration from New Mexico and its native resources, such as developing a Copper+ 7 Complex, which is an exclusive blend of copper, known as an ancient anti-aging element. Metternich further invested in having every product tested with hundreds of women, and had the core claims clinically proven.

The Mystical It Factor

Finally, the last elements I believe every brand must have—and not just beauty brands—are those that are basically impossible to describe. I like to call them the “something-something.” Like the first time you saw your husband or wife, it is that visceral, emotional pull toward a person, place or thing that can’t necessarily be explained or even logically understood but which we all trust and know to be powerful, important sign posts in our lives.

In my opinion, the most successful brands tap deeply into their “something-something” and use it to create the kinds of emotional connections today’s consumers seek from the products they purchase. Purity of Elements—rooted in a story about a mystical place, with mythical ingredients (copper, ginger, lime, pomegranate and pumpkin enzyme, to name a few) and a magical founder—has “something-something” that is going to appeal to consumers in a big way and help drive true success. As a brand. Purity of Elements is committed to purity because it knows purity drives results. And this commitment to purity also means a commitment to the right elements and to creating the best brand.

In addition to running The Beauty Company, Alisa Marie Beyer recently launched her newest venture, Coastal Salt & Soul. Coastal Salt & Soul is a collection of artisanal bath, body and home products that are handcrafted with a romantic, vintage and seaside spirit.