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Cream in Powder Form: A New Concept in Makeup

Posted: February 18, 2008
Courtesy of Cosmetics & Toiletries magazine.

Sample-sized, single doses or wipes are a current cosmetic market trend. Beauty products must be discreet yet effective, practical and even fun. Discreet is also a requirement of the new Transport European Directive that, by limiting the presence of liquids or pasty substances on an aircraft, reinforces the current evolution towards the search for new textures.

Cream in powder form is a loose powder trapping high content of liquid, developed by LCW Laboratories. The resulting product offers interesting properties and an outstanding sensory texture upon application.

Powders, creams and cream-to-powders have been well-known in the industry. However, a cream in powder form has been formulated to create surprising texture. The principle of this innovation is based on the development of a powder which is turned into a cream. Indeed, it is a loose powder containing a high proportion of a liquid phase. Upon application, the fine powder disappears under soft massage on the skin and is transformed into a cream or oily gel. The specific ingredients chosen can provide innovative results—treated pigments are combined with cosmetic powders and a liquid phase to create this newer formulating concept.

Key Ingredients

This cream in powder concept is mainly based on a specific combination of two families of ingredients: treated pigments and thickeners.