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Launches at in-cosmetics 2013, New Research and Production, and More Beauty Ingredient News and Launches for Late April 2013

Posted: April 29, 2013

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The first outcome of a partnership between Seppic and Coatex (a subsidiary of Arkema), Eliclear 4U made its debut at the 2012 in-cosmetics. The rheology modifier helps ensure there is no compromise on clarity for textured beauty formulations containing suspended particles, a marketing advantage to convince consumers with transparent packaging. Eliclear 4U provides to both traditional and sulfate-free surfactant based systems for shampoos and body washes, and the easy-to-use liquid thickens and suspends formulations from pH 5.

Univar released new anti-aging formulations that use natural and moisture-enhancing ingredients to prevent damage and hide signs of aging in hair and skin. The prototype solutions include organic argan oil to help repair free radical damage, add shine and increase hair strength with Dow Corning DC 2-2078, Cremer Care Argan Oil and Dow Corning 5200 formulation aid; an anti-aging serum the restores and rejuvenates skin using the juice from Bulbine frutescens, a plant shown to reduce signs of blemishes, scars, eczema, inflammation and other skin ailments using Purac BF P/41, CremerTimola and KelcoGel CG LA; and anti-aging primer with a new ingredient to calm skin and reduce loss of collagen using Dow Corning EL-7040 Hydro Elastomer Blend and AquaMax HM; a rejuvenating eye cream with high vitamin A, D, E and F content to providesa natural moisturizer that stimulates cell regeneration while helping prevent dry skin and wrinkles using AquaMax LM, Dow Corning EL 8052 IH Silicone Organic Elastomer Blend and Cremer Care Baobab Oil; and a wrinkle-masking lotion that uses glycerin to helps create a light lotion that smoothes, fills, and masks skin imperfections giving the appearance of fewer wrinkles and more youthful skin with Dow corning 9509, Oxiteno Alkont BE 3165 VEG and Univar Glycerin.

Ashland Care Specialties announced Actopontine biofunctional, a bio-engineered peptide designed to support skin’s own production of a key protein called dermatopontin. Dermatopontin is believed to be one of the most important proteins necessary to rebuild the foundation of skin. The Actopontine biofunctional, which launched at in-cosmetics, is conceived as a potential pathway to help skin restore its foundational proteins that diminish with age and ultimately cause skin to sag and lose its critical collagen integrity. It can be used in a range of cosmetic formulations, including anti-aging skin care products, formulations to advance skin firmness and elasticity, facial day and night creams and other body care formulations. Also at in-cosmetics, Ashland introduced APShield 100 polymer, a polymer technology demonstrated to advance the performance attributes of antiperspirant products. This ingredient allows product developers to create high-performing antiperspirants with significantly less aluminum salt, while maintaining the efficacy of products labeled as “enhanced duration.” APShield 100 is optimized for use in anhydrous antiperspirant stick and roll-on formulations. And Ashland also debuted Conditioneze 22 and Conditioneze 37 cationic solutions at in-cosmetics 2013. These two polyquaternium polymers are designed to impart deep conditioning, luster and soft-silky feeling properties to hair. Conditioneze 22 is recommended for use in colorant products, ethnic hair care and shampoos and conditioners formulated for damaged and treated hair, while Conditioneze 37 imparts excellent conditioning benefits in conditioners and hair masques and acts as a rheology modifier, enabling an enhanced rheology profile.

Sonneborn Refined Products presented its SonneNatural 200 series, its latest collection of natural emollients, during in-cosmetics. The line of 100% vegetable-based emollients is an extension of the existing SonneNatural brand and includes three novel offerings—SonneNatural H-203, S-205 and J-207 offer a range of slip, gloss and cushion to fit any formulation requirement, while providing exceptional TEWL performance. Each product adds substantive feel and body to formulations without the negative attributes associated with fillers, such as starch and clay.

Bionov introduced its new nutricosmetic innovation available for instant drink application at Vitafoods Europe 2013. CelluLight S is a 100% natural active ingredient with demonstrated efficacy against cellulite, has a specific coating newly develop to assure total dispersion in cold beverages. The ingredient is a natural melon juice concentrate rich in superoxide dismutase (SOD), with both mechanistic and clinical studies on anti-cellulite action.

Air Products launched its new Dermohydrine cellular active at in-cosmetics, offering product developers with an effective, high-performing moisturizing solution that can meet the natural ingredient demands of consumers. Dermohydrine cellular active is the newest addition to Air Products’ Rovi cosmetic active ingredient portfolio. These ingredients utilize advanced and multifaced delivery technologies to address defined and consumer-desired performance attributes. Dermohydrine cellular active provides natural extracts to enhance the moisture retention levels of the skin.

And also at in-cosmetics 2013, Solvay debuted Jaguar LS, a conditioning guar polymer for modern shampoo products. The ingredient was created to offer the benefits expected by consumers and products from shampoos relying on less surfactants and chemicals while not compromising on performance. Jaguar LS boosts active delivery and is particularly suitable for transparent formulations. With its eco-friendly profile, it provides superior conditioning versus PQ-10s in cost-efficient shampoos, and being substantive to hair, it is also capable of enhancing sensorial hair feel.