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Chemical Reaction: A Deep Breath

By: Steve Herman
Posted: December 10, 2008

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Aquatic risk was addressed in 2002.2 The paper identified predicted environmental concentration (PEC) and predicted no-effect concentration (PNEC) for 2,141 materials in the RIFM database. Materials were deemed to have low environmental effect (PEC/PNEC<1) using ECOSAR (Ecological Structure Activity Relationship). Materials considered environmentally safe by the first rough cut comprised 92.3% of the database. The remaining materials are not implied to be problematic, merely that they merit closer examination. When all is said and done, fragrance material and its use does not add up to an environmental issue.

QRA for skin sensitization is intended to apply more sophisticated science to this area of fragrance safety. The old approach divided products into skin contact and non-skin contact, and further divided skin contact into leave-on and rinse off. The new approach led to 11 categories and 22 subcategories.

QRA requires materials to have an Acceptable Exposure Level (AEL) to be greater than the calculated consumer exposure level (CEL); AEL>CEL.

A key formula is: