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Rules & Revelations: Fragrance Regulations Demystified

By: Carl Geffken
Posted: February 20, 2007

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The International Fragrance Association (IFRA) was founded in 1973 and represents the collective interests of the worldwide fragrance industry. It publishes and provides specifications and standards for fragrance materials and develops test methodology for the industry to establish a code of practice. While both organizations have extensive support mechanisms, links on their Web sites will identify a broad network of industry resources.

Additionally, the Cosmetic Ingredient Review has evaluated numerous fragrance materials and has provided monographs to support its well-respected scientific conclusions.
For centuries, fragrances have been revered and admired for their stature and the pleasure they bring. In the current culture, these same aromatic pleasures have created a multi-billion dollar industry with a degree of sophistication and obligatory control not easily recognized by the casual consumer.

General References
•    The US Code of Federal Regulations: 21 CFR, Parts 701 and 740
•    Commission Directive: 2003/83/EC and amendments to Annex III—Part 1 (for 26 fragrance allergens)
• (for Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives)
• (for CARB VOC regulations)
• (for RIFM)
• (for IFRA)

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