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The Role of Stem Cells in Beauty—Today and Tomorrow

By: Marie Alice Dibon, PharmD
Posted: August 31, 2011, from the September 2011 issue of GCI Magazine.

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Creating a signal to incite the cells into activating a repair process is one way to keep replacing the compromised cells.

Once the stem cells are persuaded to move, the next challenge is to get them to move exactly where they are needed, and current physical delivery devices do not work.

Exciting results and new developments can be anticipated. But we must insist on the absolute need to communicate effectively and fairly so as not to confuse the issues, to allow for the true science to be recognized as such, and not let junk science and border line claims take over a market where it’s known that consumers grow weary of hype and exaggeration.

Stem cells hold great potential as research tools and treatment targets, but are also fragile and potentially dangerous if mishandled. Manipulating, creating and marketing stem cells requires responsible research and communication.

Marie Alice Dibon, PharmD, is the principal at Alice Communications, Inc., helping companies in the life science sector to develop innovative technologies.