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When Beauty Meets Biotech

By: Marie Alice Dibon
Posted: September 3, 2009, from the September 2009 issue of GCI Magazine.

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It, too, can be difficult to recognize the breakthroughs and innovations because they often lie in the technology and not in the ingredients. And a technology could potentially land in the lap of a company that simply doesn’t have the muscle to co-develop it, which is, often times, the price to pay to get something completely new and unique. But the biotech companies active in the beauty industry really do raise the bar in terms of cosmetics active standards. Not only do they bring significant innovation to the table, they also make sure that this innovation translates into real clinical progress, doubled with impeccable safety.

The potential benefits of finding those rare opportunities are enormous for the beauty industry. And in the era of transparency, consumer-driven design and quick-moving technological progress, partnerships such as those offered by biotech will allow the industry to answer those new challenges. If biotech and beauty can learn to work together in a wider scope, the possibilities are quite staggering.

Marie Alice Dibon, PharmD, is the principal at Alice Communications, Inc., helping companies in the life science sector to develop innovative technologies.