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Meet the Mummy Mask

New mud mask uses Hawaiian clay to clear pores of sebum and waste.

Sofia Vergara's Latest Perfume Touted by Social Media Influencers

Tempting By Sofia Vergara is leveraging the digital reach of Snapchat, Instagram and YouTube bloggers to break the promotional mold.

Art & Fragrance Now Lalique Group SA

According to the company, the beauty segments (perfume and cosmetics) will continue under a new sub-holding company, Art & Fragrance SA.

Beauty Consumers Are Motivated Equally by Confidence and Youthfulness

How beauty treatments make women feel is just as important as the youthful look achieved, according to a recent international research project.

Is Equality Innovation?

Beauty brands around the globe are stepping up to reinforce gender equality via marketing and unique offerings.

A Hopeful Lip Hero

Hopeful for healed lips? Mizzi Cosmetics' Hope purple lip balm provides healing properties, while also leaving lips with a clear gloss look. A portion of proceeds for the balm go toward the American Cancer Society.

Get a Straight Shot to Straight Hair

With the help of Unite's LAZER Straight Shampoo, users have a clear shot at turning curly, tangled hair into a smooth, sleek masterpiece. After use, the unruliest of hair is proven tamed.

What's Growing the Male Grooming Category

Global male toiletries is expected to grow around 4% through to the year 2020, due to growing demand for styling and grooming products for hair, skin, bathing and deodorant.

Kiss Me through the Phone

Shiseido Cosmetics has rolled out a new way to market its selection of lipsticks in the Rouge Rouge Kiss Me line.

Brexit Could Take a Toll on Beauty Premiumization and Boost Mass

A new analysis from Euromonitor outlines the winners, losers and opportunities presented by the UK's Brexit vote.

A Natural Smile to Last the Whole Mile

Avoid the break in your smile with The Jojoba Company Australia’s 100% Natural Jojoba Lip Balm. The balm naturally helps prevent moisture loss and protects against dry lips.

Austin Entrepreneur Phlur-ishes with Fragrance Collection

The company is attempting to disrupt the fragrance universe by letting customers choose the perfumes from the collection that they would like to sample.

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