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Accoje’s Ancient Ingredients Create Modern Interest With Natural Whitening Capsules

Accroje's Whitening Capsules Line contains Jeju-grown plants and, in order to exclude damaging ingredients, implement the seven-free system to control skin irritation and improve the brightness of the skin.

Got Curls? Check Out Sephora’s “It’s a Curl Thing”

Online campaign helps curly-haired consumers easily find products that work well for them.

Fig + Yarrow: Coming to a Target Near You

Target is picking up the natural skin care brand Fig + Yarrow, set to hit the shelves and online store in July.

PBA Announces Scholarships

The Professional Beauty Association awarded five scholarships to aspiring students and beauty professionals for their education and career.

Joya Blends Fragrance Production and Retail in Single Space

A recent store visit highlighted a focus on craft, manufacturing and the beauty of fragrance.

Mother Dirt Launches Microbiome-restoring Products

AOB, or ammonia-oxidizing bacteria, consumes the irritating components in sweat and keeps skin clean and clear.

3 Steps to Building Personalized Skin Care

A focus on consumers’ unique concerns, ethnic backgrounds and strategic use of ingredients build regimens that deliver customized results.

Multinationals are Missing Out on Multicultural Beauty

There are untapped market potential and challenges, offering opportunities for niche players.

The Beauty Agenda Shifts East

Asia is taking the lead in shaping trends via social media, innovative brands and high-growth emerging markets.

4 Look-at-Me Palettes for Spring/Summer 2017

The impact of nature, women's changing lives, humor and more are shifting color schemes for beauty.

Radically Transparent, from Farm to Face

Inside Farmacy’s unique strategy, uniting science, nature and the latest beauty trends.

Building a Better Retailer: BeautyKind

BeautyKind is pursuing an omnichannel strategy as it allows brands large and small to spread cause marketing across a greater number of SKUs.

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