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Fashion & Beauty at Mass

By: LaShada Allen, Asha Daniels, Corey Reese, Melanie St. Amour and Kadi Thompson
Posted: August 26, 2011

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Mothers and daughters continue to shop together and with limited bonding time available in our ever-increasing busy world. Retailers have the opportunity to provide a cross generational family experience. A pop-up store centered around back-to-school shopping for the daughters and back-to-beauty school for mothers, would allow a mass retailer to focus on age appropriate looks and highlight the season’s trends. Pop-up stores could also be opened during New York Fashion Week and allow consumers to share in the runway experience. Set up to resemble the backstage of a fashion show, stores would be outfitted with vanity mirrors, makeup artists, hairdressers and clothing racks, retailers could easily showcase the season’s latest fashion and beauty in a single space.

Retailers can continue to enamor her by taking fashion and beauty, to her directly. Marketing tour buses operate as a sort of mobile pop-up store and adding a social media dimension can further entice consumers to participate. A “Campus Cube” would update the traditional campus tour bus. The promotional cube would allow students to sample new looks, shoot videos of themselves and upload and share their new looks on Facebook and on Twitter enticing their friends to participate. Outfitted with a selection of fashion & beauty merchandise, the Cube would create an experience that speaks to how students communicate and express themselves today. Calvin Klein recently relaunched the CKOne unisex fragrance using a combination of social media, applications, and pop up events. Launched in March 2011, the CK One Virtual box has connected 80,000 consumers.8

Highlighting fashion and beauty products during retailer sponsored movies is yet another way to enamor her out of store. In April 2010, P&G and Wal-Mart kicked off the family movie night initiative when they presented the premiere of Secrets of the Mountain. In the one year since the partnership began, the Wal-Mart and P&G have reached 16 million viewers.9 Retailers could adapt this concept to showcase beauty and fashion by sponsoring a “Movie and A Make Over” night on television. Makeover spots would appear during commercial breaks and show consumers how to get an up to date look of her favorite movie characters, showcasing the latest styles and trends all available in store.

Co-branding, co-marketing and cross-selling are marketing tactics increasingly utilized to leverage assets and combine the strengths of two or more brands. A partnership between a mass retailer and a home shopping channel would provide the retailer access to the 90 million households that home shopping channels reach every day. The association would provide an excellent way to tell the story behind fashion and beauty, while offering her the authentic and personal communication consumers are seeking today. An easy way for a mass retailer to access this channel would be through a collaboration. Pairing a beauty brand such as Sonia Kashuk with the fashion of Calypso St. Barth for Target, would be the perfect match for showcase on HSN. This would give Target the opportunity to explain the concept behind the collections, highlight their beauty partnership, reach consumers at home and draw them into store.

Engage Her Online

In recent years, strategies to engage consumers online have led to double digit growth of e-commerce, digital technologies and social networks. All have impacted the consumer’s behavior. While shopping, she "digs" through "delicious" products, Facebooks her friends to "meet up" on Foursquare and comparse prices of product in stores nearby. The consumer is in control of her shopping experience and sharing that experience with her friends.10 In order to stay relevant in the face of this empowered consumer, retailers are trying to complete a digital checklist to resonate with her. Wal-Mart’s acquisition of Kosmix (a social media platform) for $300 million shows that retailers are trying to accomplish it, whatever the price.11