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Grow Through E-commerce

By: Mark Pierce, MarketLive
Posted: January 20, 2011, from the January 2011 issue of GCI Magazine.

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Perricone MD, gives free shipping and exclusive product samples to shoppers who commit to replenish products every 30, 60 or 90 days; the replenishment program is offered directly on individual product pages, making it easy for shoppers to select recurring delivery.

Garden Botanika motivates their customers to purchase regularly via member’s only offers, free shipping and discounts on every purchase through its paid loyalty program. They do a highly effective job at highlighting additional member only savings through the site.

Social and Mobile Commerce: Keep Customers Connected with Each Other and the Brand

The majority of online merchants currently allow customers to share their product experiences and pass along recommendations directly to friends or the community at large via "Customer Ratings & Reviews," "Add This" or "Share This" and Facebook’s “Like” functionality. Additionally most beauty retailers already have a presence on Facebook, MySpace, YouTube or Twitter. Beyond these dial tone social tactics, successful merchants are leveraging these tools and channels in a more comprehensive way—allowing them to integrate into the daily life of customers while giving their customers a sense of direct impact.

In addition to robust product information, Perricone MD also provides expert value-added content that highly leverages its social and mobile channels—giving customers a reason to visit and connect often. The Perricone site puts a unique emphasis on health regimens that go beyond just purchasing product. Through its “Start Fresh” program, shoppers receive comprehensive advice on nutrition to bolster skin health, along with exercise plans and healthy recipes. They can share before and after results from the program via Perricone MD’s Facebook page, making the experience interactive and engaging, while also getting support advice from Dr. Perricone's “Daily Perricone” blog. And through its smartphone application, Perricone makes its content pervasive and easily accessible when shoppers need it most—while shopping for groceries customers can view the full Start Fresh menu plan.

Carol’s Daughter, has also had tremendous success utilizing Facebook as an integral part of their marketing and loyalty initiatives. With almost 361,000 “Likes” Carol’s Daughter promotes events and new products but keeps their customers engaged with questions such as “If you could have Carol’s Daughter founder, Lisa Price, create ONE product just for you, what would it be?” This one post had 727 comments … now that’s great social activity but the product insight they received is even more valuable.