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Spa Trends in the Beauty Market

By: Imogen Matthews
Posted: March 5, 2007

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According to Lewis, one growth area is for handheld devices and DIY treatment products that mimic the effects of clinical treatments. These were first seen in home microdermabrasion scrubs, devices and systems, and home peel kits. Now this trend has extended into teeth whitening programs, hair removal systems, photo-rejuvenation devices and topical products with filler and toxin-like results. All these products are available for use within the privacy of your own home. “It’s like an extension of home fitness equipment,” maintains Lewis. “You get a treadmill for your bedroom to bypass having to jog around the park or go to the gym.”

Although far from affecting the numbers of clinical procedures, nonsurgical minimally invasive treatments are skyrocketing. Lewis maintains the target markets are working moms and CEOs who haven’t got the time to pop into a clinic every few weeks or months.
“There is a whole segment of consumers that buy into the concept that they can prolong the knife or the needle by using bioactives in their skin care,” says Lewis. Home care products believed to help delay professional treatments or extend treatment benefits are affordable at all price points. Lancôme’s Resurface Peel System costs $145 for eight treatments, just a fraction of the price of professional peels that may cost that amount for one session. Other examples include Roc Renewex Microdermabrasion System and Neutrogena Advanced Solutions Microdermabrasion, both priced below $30, yet comparable to prestige versions at almost three times the price.

The spa trend is one that is set to run and run, given the consumer’s interest in products that promote relaxation and well-being, as well as mimic prohibitively expensive cosmetic procedures. Euromonitor predicts future growth in retail spa products coming from previously exclusive salon treatments, with firming/anticellulite body care extending into at-home body wraps to help consumers look slimmer. Another new sector expected to benefit from the spa trend is sun care, with new product development coming from the professional salon sector.

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