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Consumers Seeking ‘A Life in Balance,’ According to Trend Report

Posted: July 17, 2012

In a world filled with stress and fatigue, our personal sense of well-being and our desire for a balanced life are priorities that matter to Americans of all ages, says the latest Arylessence TrendWatch, an analysis of U.S. consumer attitudes, beliefs and buying behaviors from the fragrance company. As baby boomers worry about living well while growing older and younger Americans are concerned about getting good jobs and keeping them, the steps people take to restore, recharge and refresh—physically and emotionally—are critical to achieving and sustaining a better life.

“Consumers are telling us that changing the world is a huge challenge,” says Arylessence president Steve Tanner. “But each of us has the power to create change in our own lives so we can live better, live happier, and enjoy a balanced life.”

This focus on self-awareness and “self-nurturing” among millions of Americans is one of seven major trends identified by Arylessence that depict the diversity of the American consumer landscape and offer marketers new creative pathways for brand and product development.

“Fragrance connects to more than our sense of smell,” says Lori Miller Burns, Arylessence’s director of marketing and leader of the TrendWatch study. “Fragrance connects to our sense of who we are and what we believe about ourselves and the world around us. Our study shows that Americans have very clear ideas about what matters, and importantly, how they prefer to live and enjoy their lives.”

Seven Definitive Trends

Also ranking in the Arylessence TrendWatch study is the consumer’s desire for romance and make-believe. Hollywood escapism is not only a traditional part of American culture, but big-screen dreams also seriously influence what people buy, how they dress and how they spend their time.

“We are trained by Hollywood to expect romance and fantasy in our lives,” says Miller Burns. “As human beings, we seek to make those desires real. In our challenging world, romantic themes and sensory experiences provide a welcome escape and have never been more relevant for consumers.”

Five additional consumer trends highlighted in the study include: